Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's 3 am...

and I am posting.

Why? you ask.

Because I am about to begin day 4 of the WORST sore throat I've ever had in my life.
The past two or three nights it's been nearly impossible to sleep due to the excruciating pain when I swallow. And can I just say - we humans swallow all the stinkin time. I've been trying to just will myself to not.... just let the saliva build up and just drip out onto my pillow, but it's amazing how strong the don't-drool reflex is and I just end up swallowing and then wincing.

Also, as a weird side effect of this sore throat, with no other cold symptoms mind you, i have thrown up for the first time since I was 19. At 12:30 I got up and used one of those throat sprays which sort of numb your throat, and I don't know how, but that thing must have hit a nerve and I promptly puked 3 times. What is that?? And now I don't want to use that spray again, even though in the past it was one of the few things that gave me at least a little relief. But I'm done. Puking sucks.

And why is it that I have totally guilty conscience and only called out sick for a half a day and am likely going to suffer for my vacation. That sucks. I wonder what this is karma for.

Also, I drove down to Portland to see my fam for Thanksgiving... including my newborn nephew and Grandma..... both with their appropriately weak immune systems. If my grandma dies cause of me I'm gonna be pissed.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


This weekend I got to see one of America's greatest singer-songwriters. Really. I'm not exaggerating. I love Lucinda Williams! She has been near the top of my list of people/bands to see for the past several years. And moved up to the #1 spot probably about a 2 years ago after I saw Ryan Adams and Wilco. And man! was she amazing. If you haven't heard her stuff, do so immediately. Her lyrics are so........ good. In fact, let me post a lyric or two.

Here is a verse from "I envy the wind" one of the sexiest songs ever written without being nasty.

I envy the rain
That falls on your face
That wets your eyelashes
And dampens your skin
And touches your tongue
And soaks through your shirt
And drips down your back
I envy the rain

Don't you just love that? Sooo pretty. And she was awesome in concert. So, that's been the best moment of the past few weeks.

The worst moment was/is the dying of my computer. Right now I'm using my roommates computer and my poor little computer is in trouble. She's been so good to me these past 5 years, getting me through grad school, surviving my thesis, and holding so much lovely music and pics, and allowing me to be entertained for all of the years that I didn't have a TV. As much as I hate to see her go.... I've decided it's time for me to move on. So, I'm seeking computer advice.... what do I get? My main requirement is that it be cute. Is a mac worth it?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, I kept waiting to get some awesome Seattle pics to put on a post, but it just hasn't happened. So just watch an episode of Gray's Anatomy and picture me there. So... here I am, though it still doesn't feel like I really am here. I have moments of really missing Philly (mostly pizza, the diversity, walking everywhere, and just the "feel" of that fabulous city, plus the world series - go phillies!), but this new time in my life is also really exciting.

So, the stats. I live in the the northern part of Seattle and work in the southern part. My new version of Rittenhouse (my favorite park in Philly) is Green Lake - this super pretty lake about half a mile away from my house. My job is going well, it's really similar to my old job. I travel to a lot of different schools and work with the kids there. I work with a lot of teenage girls now, which can be absolutely frustrating, but it's good for me to get the experience and develop some patience.

I'm living with 5 other girls in a big pink house. They are all really cool, and my apprehensions about living with so many people have mostly been false. Though, I will admit after living by myself or with super-awesome and clean Preethi, I've become a bit of a neat freak and sometimes the mess of 6 girls drives me crazy. The good thing is that having so many roomates is making it easy for shy little me to make friends. Somehow, I dressed up for and not only survived, but actually enjoyed a giant Halloween party at my house. Go me!