Sunday, September 16, 2007


it's funny that when i was supposed to be working on my thesis this blogging thing was a welcome distraction. now it feels like a chore. so i apologize. here's the update....

I am back in philly. i totally loved being home. here are a few more highlights - a moose in the backyard, and a day at the lake with my nephews.

Then on to Utah. It was absolutely lovely seeing old friends and new babies (at least they were new to me). Another highlight was watching centerstage. I also went to a friends wedding which was great. It was a pretty great 5 days.

So, now I am back in philly. In the two weeks I have been back I have moved into a new apartment, started a new job and bought a car. It's been a little hectic so I apologize to anyone who's calls i have ignored and for not calling people. Also, my mom wanted to see pics of my new car so here you go momma. Isn't she cute! A 2002 honda civic. The couple I bought her from is Polish.... so i was thinking about a polish name for her.... any ideas?