Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sometimes it takes me a while to finish things

I know you all have been dying to know what I've been crafting lately. I kept waiting to post until I finished this dress. My first ever done almost totally with my serger. It's got darts, pleats, sleeves, and a ZIPPER. That was the big hold up. I ended up using my sister's sewing machine over Easter - and it still took like 4 attempts and 4 phone calls to my mom. I need to get a serious sewing machine now with a zipper foot and buttonhole maker.

Punch needle onesie for baby Henry.

Hat for my mom for Christmas - fancy cables and bobbles.

One sock. Turning the heel was IMPOSSIBLE and I had to wait until Christmas to see my mom to get her help. And it turns out that the pattern had a mistake in it. Though I did need my mom's help to figure out that the pattern had a mistake. We'll see if I ever knit the other sock.

So there you go. I need new projects now. I've recently found some great vintage ribbons and I've got big plans for them. We'll see.