Sunday, August 19, 2007

eight stars of gold on a field of blue

I'm in Alaska!!!

Mt Mckinley was out on the drive up from anchorage.

We went wild blueberry picking

Also went to the farmers market where I saw a typical alaskan truck - complete with an "alaskans for independence" bumper sticker.

Home sweet home.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

avril lavigne lyrics

I wasn't sure what to title this post, but somehow I felt like some avril lavigne lyrics would probably fit, though unfortunately I couldn't think of any actual lyrics besides "hey hey you you". Anyway, just imagine some melodramatic, slightly annoyed, with a tinge of angry lyrics... sung by a canadian.... maybe alanis morisette would fit too.

the point is that I'm still confused, but it's building up past the point of just being slightly unnerving and I'm starting to get mad. Really, I should be grateful. I got an official job offer. Positives: working with the same kids I already know and love, strong team focus - I think I'd feel a lot of support, would need to get a car which I've been craving, learn lots about family therapy. Negatives: working more with families (I totally believe that family work is the most beneficial, but I'm scared.... I feel fine, even confident, about doing therapy with a kid, but I'm a little nervous about telling a 35 year old mom from innercity philly about how to parent her child), doing therapy in the home (distractions, jealous siblings, general chaos, seeing the situations some of the kids live in, etc), having to transport art supplies could be a total pain. There would be a lot of challenges, but the prospective of learning from the challenges is kind of exciting.

Since I've never dated a boy for longer than about 3 months I've never gotten to the point of real commitment, but I've always sort of wondered if maybe I'm a commitment-phobe, but just haven't gotten a chance to find out. This job search, decision-making stuff makes me think that I probably am. While I'm hating being so unsettled, it's almost better that being settled and feeling stuck.......