Thursday, July 9, 2009

I am getting BRAVE

1. There are BIG spiders here. The first time I saw one I was able to put a cup over it and then had to ask most of my roommates before I found one (go Kaylene!) to get it out of my room. And she said, "you need to work on this." Later I saw a spider in the shower (alright it was actually a daddy-long-legs, but I'll be honest, I don't get why people think that daddy-long-legs are not as gross as spiders - it just as gross!) and I went and showered in another bathroom. Then I thought, don't be a sissy, and that next time I saw a giant spider I was so BRAVE and got that thing out of the house all by myself. That's right people. I did it. And then, one day one of my friends was afraid of a spider in the bathroom and I went in all calm... it wasn't a total success because I couldn't catch him before he crawled into a hole, but still... I was calm.

2. I did NOT diving when I was a kid. I hated swimming lessons, because I hated diving. There's something so terrifying about going head first into water, in fact, I sort of hate just putting my head under water. And this summer, I've been diving so much.

3. Today for work we took a bunch of our clients to a ropes course. There's something so awesome about seeing a bunch of tough kids from the city, including a bunch of teenagers who act like they're not afraid on nothing, totally terrified when they climbed to the top of this pole. Anyways, the point was to climb to the top of this pole, stand on top of it, and then jump and grab this trapeze bar (oh my dreams of being in the circus). And I got a chance to do it too. Only two of the kids actually stood on top of the pole and none of them took the leap to grab the bar. But you know what... I DID IT! I am BRAVE!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Things that I want to post.

Timmy was here.

I jump in Green Lake with these girls. And I've been practicing my diving.

I need to do more research on this, but my mind was BLOWN yesterday when we were walking by this plant that apparently oozes flowers - that look like normal yellow daisies. Is this normal? Who knows about this? I want to learn. I bet Annie Dillard knows.