Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've found that I suck at this. Unless I have something to brag about. Here's what I have to brag about.

1. I recently finished my first ever embroidery project. This purple pillow. Hand-embroidered by yours truly.
2. And this one is a big deal - I finished my first ever quilt that actually required lots of cutting, sewing, piecing, and hand-quilting. Yes, I hand quilted this guy. And a good portion of the corners lined up. Are you impressed? Luckily I had it quilted and just the binding left to do when my sister had her baby (about 3 weeks early and at a fire station when they didn't have time to get to the hospital). I finished the binding the day after she was born. All I can say is - Natalia - I'd better be your favorite aunt.
3. And this one I can't really brag about, so much as be grateful for grandmas and good timing. I had the idea to create an earring holder by getting an old frame, getting some wire sort of screening from somewhere and somehow putting it in the frame. Realistically, that was never going to happen. Then I was at my grandma's house one day and while walking out I saw these leaning against the side of the house. I asked about them and the plan was to take them to Goodwill. They are the most perfect things I've ever seen. And required zero effort and zero money. Magic! Look at the details! Perfectly worn paint, and I organized my earrings by color in the different spaces. Sometimes I feel like the universe aligns just for me.