Thursday, December 2, 2010

Viking Hat

My newest creation. I let me neices and nephews try it on to see what size of child it would fit. Turns out they liked it so I let them keep it. I'm pretty happy that the ear flaps were actually in the right spot.

I love kids with missing teeth!

This fabric has been sitting in my room for weeks. I finally got this tube scarf done.

Now time to get working on Christmas presents.


mere said...

where did you get that striped fabric? I love the hat! So "How to Train your Dragon!"

Brit said...

Such cute stuff! You are a talented girl. We have been loving the booties you made June! We cant wait to see you when we're up there for Christmas!!

Magyar Harcos said...

haha another so called viking hat with horns, no wonder you children grow up to be idiots.