Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So... if you haven't heard I passed my test. That means the ever growing list of things that I've needed to be doing, but haven't been doing because I've been studying or exhausted by studying, gets to be done. And it's about time. Here's where I'm at.

1. Laundry
2. Clean room
3. Starting to work out again - went to Zumba yesterday and it almost killed me
4. Watching the Bachelorette
5. Miscellaneous personal hygiene - my legs have been shaved in the past few days at least
6. Reading books - just started a new one

Still needs to be done
1. Grocery shopping
2. Miscellaneous personal hygiene (ie eyebrows)
3. Blogging about a) a good book and b) a magical coincidence
4. Wash Jen's sheets after I slept in her bed for almost a week when it was so hot in my room
5. Planning packing/packing for Red Brick House Reunion 2010 - CANADA (I can't wait!!)


Krystal said...

Yay for passing your test! Don't forget Pack/plan for your trip to the motherland!

Dahlia said...

Congrats on passing the test!!! Enjoy Canada...I'm dreading the gas prices as we pass through next month. I sure miss you :)