Tuesday, June 29, 2010

this will not be interesting

When I started this blog I was working on my thesis. So many years ago - weird! I needed some sort of concrete way of tracking my progress and motivating myself to keep going. I feel like I blogged my thesis progress for maybe a few months before I told a few close, trusted friends so they could track my progress as well.

Well, I'm in that place again. Well, honestly, not nearly as bad, but still I feel stuck. I am scheduled to take the National Counseling Exam on July 10th. If I pass I can become Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Washington state. Which doesn't mean a whole lot, except it would open up a lot more job opportunities, earning potential, and would allow me to go into private practice if I ever wanted to go down that road. The issue that I'm facing is that I really am so sick of studying. So sick of it. I keep telling myself that I only need to stay focused for a week and a half more but right now that seems like a real long time.

I'm going to go on a short walk. Then I am going to come back. Then I will focus.


Melis said...

Whatever you are so smart, you can focus for another week then come party with us.

Dahlia said...

I wish you all the best, and seriously, you'll do amazingly on your test. Keep on studying, but do take a break here and there to keep sane. And prayer, that always helps too :)

Sarra Eaton said...
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Sarra Eaton said...

Still taking your walks eh. I am having a flashback of you spazzing about anything other than an A+
You are a brilliant girlie, it will be fine.

preethi said...

Go team Julie! You will be awesome. Also, I'm listening to Guernsey on my iPod now. :)